DIY Underwater GoPro Dome

This year for my vacation I wanted to try something new with my GoPro, and thought about getting myself a dome for some great under-over water photographs. Planning our vacation and exploring photos of Rarotonga got me all excited thinking about the amazing photos I will be able to capture there.


But when I started researching what is out there on the market of GoPro domes, I was both disappointed and shocked to see the prices of these things. To pay well over $100 for two pieces of plastic was not something I was willing to do. Not when I knew I could make it myself :).

So I went on eBay and ordered the spherical part of the dome. As soon as it arrived, I started measuring out the holes and everything to make the matching lid and preparing the file to cut on my CNC router.


Preparing the file in Artcam. Holes match the spherical part, and middle section is cut out to fit my GoPro Hero 3+

You can view the entire process here:

I am more than happy with how this turned out, and at what price 🙂